Tuesday, April 9, 2013

NYC 'Steampunk Loft'     see full article here

My heart is sad but it has happened.  The famous Steampunk Loft has been down-modeled.  Apparently there is not a high end steampunk loft market.  I believe when it first went on the market they listed it with a 2million price tag.  If I had the money and wanted to live in N.Y. instead of WA. I would have purchased this loft all Steampunked out.  What are your thoughts on it?


  1. I saw the episode where they featured this apartment on "Selling New York". Very cool, but I knew then that the place would never sell with it being so heavily decorated, regardless the theme. Though I enjoy steampunk jewelry and a little bit for decor, this place was way over the top - again, regardless of the theme. Too bad the seller couldn't recoup the expense of all the work he put into his place, but at least now he'll have a better chance to sell it and stop paying the mortgage.

    1. I just loved the feeling of the place. I bet they had some great parties there. I would have loved to have visited. I am always in favor of artistic places. I agree I am sure the owner is happy it is under contract. :)

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